William Bishop


WILLIAM BISHOP began his career in antiques while attending graduate school at the University of Kansas. For over fifty years he operated two seasonal locations: one in the mountains of Allenspark, Colorado, and a second on the storied “Gallery Row” of Main Street in Old Town, Scottsdale, Arizona. During his years he supported young artists at the beginning of their careers in the American Southwest, developing strong friendships and life-long business relationships with Fritz Scholder, Ned Jacob, Carl Dahl, Steve Kestrel, Tony Hochstetler, Leonard Baskin, Sheridan Oman, Bart Walter, and many more. 

He was known for his eye for interesting items of quality, and a vast interest that led to collections encompassing work with a global perspective. The collection includes furniture, Fine Art, American Antiques/Collectibles, Tribal Relics/Art from the American Southwest to Africa and Oceania. 

Books held a special place in his heart. He was a devoted collector of reference books for his business, as well as books of fiction. A substantial part of his library consisted of signed first editions, and limited edition works. These books can be found in our shop on Abebooks, as we unbox and add them to inventory. Collectibles can also be found in our Etsy store. The Lawrence, Kansas location is open by appointment, and for special events.