Curtis Hooper

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CURTIS HOOPER worked with Sarah Churchill (daughter of Sir Winston Churcill) to publish of a series of at least twenty-eight embossed intaglio prints entitled, “A Visual Philosophy of Sir Winston Churchill.”  The drawings were based upon famous Churchill photographs and Lady Sarah supplied suitable quotations for each. The prints are signed by Sarah Churchill.

From Hooper’s website, “Curtis noticed, as he got to know Lady Sarah, that she would take small pieces of tracing paper and affectionately trace simple outlines of family photos, including her father. Curtis decided to convert her tracings into an intaglio embossing plate and emboss each tracing into the bottom area of each print, where she was to co-sign in pencil, next to Curtis’s hand signed pencil signature. This gave the artworks a personal Churchill touch, which delighted Lady Sarah and the art collectors.”


BISHOP’S has eight of the Churchill prints. Contact us with the inventory number below if you are interested in purchasing. All items are for sale.